Conestoga Fuels, Inc. -  A Woman-Owned, Small Business Enterprise
Payment Terms and Options...
Methods of payment accepted...
Cash        &      Checks
Accepting credit cards for your purchases... MasterCard and Visa
House Accounts:
With approved credit, Conestoga Fuels, Inc. will invoice for deliveries based on payment terms that have been pre-approved.  Typically, the first delivery is set-up as Net Due at the time of delivery. 
Please ask for a Credit Application.
Typical Terms issued...
Net 10 days and Net 30 days, from the date of delivery
Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax...
Conestoga Fuels, Inc. will collect the Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax on all purchases made.  This is an additional 6%.  Should your company be tax exempt, please submit a completed PENNSYLVANIA EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE to Conestoga Fuels, Inc.