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Petroleum Solvents
Where would the industrial world be without solvents? 
Seasoned paint professionals today use a solvent called mineral spirits as an alternative to turpentine for thinning paint and cleaning paint brushes. Mineral spirits is a mild, low volatility petroleum distillate that can be used for degreasing and cleaning machinery and, along with cutting oil, as a lubricant for the cutting and reaming of screw threads.
Mineral spirits is also known as Stoddard solvent, referring to its co-inventor, W. J. Stoddard. In 1928, Stoddard, along with Lloyd Jackson, developed this alternative solvent for use in his dry cleaning business. Stoddard solvent remained the most popular dry cleaning solvent in America right through the 1950’s and the term is used most frequently in this context. Outside the U.S. and Canada, mineral spirits is called white spirit although it is actually a clear liquid.  Conestoga Fuels, Inc. only distributes prime, virgin material.
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